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Spartek Systems is the world's leading independent supplier of technology to evaluate, monitor, and exploit oil and gas assets.
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version: 1.12.11

Production Logging
Production LoggingThe Production Logging System supports both memory and SRO operating modes. The instrument is available in both 1.00 inch and 1 3/8 inch diameters. All tools are rated for sour service and for temperature up to 177ÂșC. more...
Electronic Memory Recorders
Electronic Memory RecordersOur Electronic Memory Recorders are available for both surface and downhole operations. Pressure ranges from 750 psi to over 30,000 psi are available. All our gauges are low power, with large memory capacities and designed to run in the harshest oil field environments. more...
Permanent Downhole Monitoring
Permanent Downhole MonitoringWe provide three specialized Permanent Downhole Monitoring Systems: SPSRO, Multi-Drop, and EX-Sensor. These systems are designed to meet the different challenges for both offshore, land, and SAGD type monitoring applications. more...
Multi-Cycle Shut-In Tool
Multi-Cycle Shut-In ToolThe Multi-Cycle Shut-In Tool is a downhole valve designed to eliminate the effects of wellbore storage for both build-up and interference pressure transient analysis. more...
Wellbore Integrity Monitoring
Casing InspectionThe Casing Inspection Tool utilizes Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) to determine both internal and external corrosion of downhole tubulars. 80 to 160 sensors provide high resolution repeatable data for accurate interpretations. more...
Multi-Finger CaliperThe Multi-Finger Caliper (MFC) has 24 to 60 high resolution calipers which measures the internal radii of the wellbore tubing and casing. The MFC can be used to detect casing deformation, bending, fractures, holes, scale deposition, paraffin build-up, and inner wall corrosion with high accuracy. more...
Segmented Bond ToolThe Segmented Cement Bond Tool (SCBT) provides the operator with an accurate and economic means of inspecting the quality of the cement bond to casing and formation. more...
Intelligent Trigger Module
NGE Quick Change TriggerThe NGE Quick Change Trigger (QCT) is designed to fullfill the need for a cost-effective triggering device to initiate all types of explosive and pyrotechnic devices, regardless of the method of deployment. more...