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Electronic Memory Recorders
Quartz Gauges
Sapphire Gauges
SPM Gauge
Sapphire w/Ext Temp
Geothermal- HEAT
Wellhead Recorder
Surface Acquisition
Multi-Cycle SIT
Gauge Carriers
Battery Identification

Cased Hole Logging Tools
Production Logging
Compact PLT
LMS Depth Encoder
Casing Inspection Tool
Multi-Finger Caliper
Cement Bond Log

PDHMS (Permanents)
SPSRO: Wireline Retrievable
Multi-Drop Sensors

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Spartek Systems Products and Services

For your convenience we have prepared our Spartek Systems printable product brochures in Adobe PDF format.

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Product Brochure Downloads size
Electronic Memory Recorders
Quartz Pressure Gauges: (English) | (Russian) 151 kb
Sapphire Pressure Gauges: (English) | (Russian) 151 kb
Side Pocket Mandrel Pressure Gauge: (English) | (Russian) 145 kb
Sapphire Pressure Gauge with External Temperature: (English) | (Russian) 160 kb
Hostile Environment Acquisition Tool (HEAT): (English) | (Russian) 146 kb
Wellhead Data Recorder: (English) | (Russian) 175 kb
Single Channel Data Acquistion Logger: (English) | (Russian) 155 kb
Multi-Cycle Shut In Tool: (English) | (Russian) 187 kb
Gauge Bundle Carrier: (English) | (Russian) 146 kb
Cased Hole Logging Tools
Production Logging Systems: (English) | (Russian) 156 kb
Compact Production Logging System: (English) | (Russian) 153 kb
HTHP Production Logging System: (English) | (Russian) 166 kb
Multiphase Array Production Logging Tool: (English) | (Russian) 166 kb
Spectral Gamma Ray: (English) | (Russian) 166 kb
Casing Inspection Tool: (English) | (Russian) 199 kb
Multi-Finger Caliper: (English) | (Russian) 159 kb
Segmented Cement Bond Tool: (English) | (Russian) 146 kb
Line Management Systems: (English) | (Russian) 154 kb
Permanent Downhole Monitoring Systems
SPSRO Permanent Monitoring System: (English) | (Russian) 269 kb
PDHG - Quartz Permanent Monitoring: (English) | (Russian) 238 kb
Multi-Drop Permanent Monitoring System: (English) | (Russian) 236 kb
Intelligent Trigger Module
NGE Quick Change Trigger (QCT): (English) 175 kb

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