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Compact Production Logging Tool

Compact Production Logging Tool
Product Overview
The SS8339 Compact Production Logging Tool (CPLT) provides the most common measurements for basic problem diagnostic production logging applications. The tool is readily equipped for tubing leak detection, or determining the efficiency of gas lift valve operations. While the basic CPLT package consists of a memory controller, casing collar locator, sapphire pressure transducer, and temperature probe, any flowmeter instrument (fullbore, inline or caged) can be easily attached to provide the best fluid velocity measurement in a particular well completion. Furthermore the CPLT is scalable, meaning that other production logging sensors can be connected onto the basic instrument as the applications dictate. For example, if a multiphase production profile is required fluid composition sensors can be attached to the CPLTwithout any changes to the technology.

Once any instrument is attached to the CPLT, the bi-directional communications link allows the operator to query each sensor at any time, for key configuration parameters such as its serial number and position in the tool string. This feature combined with the SparWorks software database architecture greatly automates the setup and calibration procedures prior to each survey. The CPLT and SparWorks software package provides an efficient, and cost effective entry into the production diagnostics market application, while also allowing the operator to add more complex sensors (scale up) as required to monitor multiphase fluid production.

CPLT Sensors
  • Accelerometer
  • Casing Collar Locator
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Fast Response Temperature
  • Caged / Fullbore Flowmeter

Applications Primary Features

  • Tubing Leak Detection
  • Gas Lift Valve Efficiency Surveys
  • Monitor Well Efficiency
  • General Production Diagnostics
  • Analyze Production Profile by Zone
  • Monitor Well Stimulations
  • Well Mechanical Integrity Surveys
  • Injection Profiles
  • After Fracture Surveys
  • 350 F / 15Kpsi operating Temperature / Pressure
  • Sour service rated (NACE)
  • Complete hardware and software solution for acquiring Surface and downhole production data
  • Memory mode operation
  • "Smart Sensor" technology allows each sensors to identify itself when queried
  • Dynamic instrument addressing removes tool string configuration errors
  • Built in Accelerometer sensor measures tool movement and inclination
  • Compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP/NT/2000

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