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Shut In Tool
Primary Features and Applications
  • Simultaneous multi-zone testing
  • Interference tests
  • High temperature rating
  • Eliminates wellbore storage effect
  • Sour service available
  • Modular configuration
  • Windows OS: Vista/XP/NT/2000.

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The Multi-Cycle Shut-In Tool (SIT) has been engineered for improved reliability. The instrument has been tested thoroughly, and our engineers have implemented a double-tier mount system that virtually eliminates shock to the electronics. The Multi-Cycle SIT has proven to be a valuable tool in tests where wellbore storage or access to location are factors. The reduction in wellbore storage minimizes test time, and usually improves data quality for analysis, especially when evaluating the effects of near wellbore damage (skin). The ability to shut-in the well downhole and have it reopen automatically means production need not be lost if the location is not accessible. A single SIT or multiple Shut-In Tools can be deployed in a particular well to facilitate build-up surveys, dependent on the number of independent zones in the wellbore completion profile. This flexibility can provide vital test information at minimal costs to the operator.


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